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So it's undefined, but it's strongly implied that they are years old in pony years. Edit : I've just checked wiki and the oldest age for a pony horse is 30 years, though that is only the average. Some unusual horses live to be 40, with the oldest pony at Let us assume that Granny smith is about She's old but not so old as to be dying all too soon. If we make her at about years old in MLP years due to her being there at the start of ponyville which is centuries old , that makes an age contraction of about Then checking back to Wiki, any horse pony older than 4 years is a Mare or a Stallion.

I'd then place their ages between 16 and We've got to bare in mind this though:. Regardless of a horse's actual birth date, for most competition purposes, an animal is considered a year older on January 1 of each year in the Northern Hemisphere and August 1 in the Southern Hemisphere. The exception is in endurance riding, where the minimum age to compete is based on the animal's actual calendar age. I think we're safe in the assumption that we're in the northern hemisphere. In the episode "Griffon the Brush-Off" Fluttershy retorts to a line said by Pinkie Pie by saying "I'm a year older than you", which could either be interpreted in pony years or our years, giving the age of either 5 pony years or something like 19 or 20 of our years.

Another thing is how Pinkie is actually far smarter than she initially seems, implying much more maturity which again implies age than at first glance.

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That said, we don't see the reverse side of the cake where there could be more candles , and the celebration is Rainbow's "Birthiversary" -- a simultaneous celebration of her birthday and the anniversary of her arrival in Ponyville, so the candle count could be a combination of the two. Granny Smith is at least a couple of hundred years old.

This is shown in Family Appreciation Day as she is one of the first to settle in Ponyville and in Winter Wrap Up , Twilight Sparkle says that Ponyville's been wrapping up winter for hundreds of years without magic.

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Just put two and two together and you can tell Granny Smith must be at least a hundred years old. I would expect Applejack to be the eldest of the Mane 6, as she was the last in her class to get her Cutie Mark, Dash was the first. I think that Dash and Pinkie Pie are the youngest. I think the most reasonable explanation would be to say that regular ponies age at the same rate as humans. For example, a six year old pony would be the same as a human child. So, the mane six are in their late teens, although they don't always act like it.

Alicorns are either immortal or have very long lives. Princess Luna is physiologically not much older than the mane six, and about the same as Princess Cadence. Speaking of who, Cadence doesn't seem to be as powerful as Luna and Celestia, so she may age like regular ponies even though she's an alicorn. It may explain why she chose to marry and why Luna and Celestia never have.

As for Granny Smith, let's look back at our own history these last hundred years. Even as cars and electric lights were being created, there were still Civil War veterans alive. So I'd say Granny Smith is at least 90 years old, and that the age of Ponyville was exaggerated. Oh ok. Pinkie lives and works for strangers?! That invalidates my guess for Pinkie.

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  8. So I would start a baseline age for Let's say The only thing, is that she is really hyper and weird ADHD, i believe which scales her age down and the reason why I put her as So I'll upscale the ages of the mane Multiply by 1. Applejack will probably be the oldest because she said she got her cutie Mark last in her class ect. I reckon they are about with AJ and Rarity being the oldest and Rainbow and Fluttershy being the younger of the 6.

    Im certain Pinkie is much older than she seems due to the fact that she lives with and works for strangers as in not family and is allowed to foalsit their young foals by herself.

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    We got some new information from this week's episode, S5 E11 Party Pooped. In this episode, Applejack finds some notes about future parties Pinkie Pie is planning. Looky here. It's notes for the party she wants to throw for her folks' fiftieth anniversary. But they ain't nearly that old! That probably refers to the wedding anniversary of Pinkie Pie's mother and father. Their wedding was probably before Pinkie Pie was born, or not much after, so this means Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are much younger than 50 years old.

    Alternately, this could refer to some other family member, or the Cakes, who treat Pinkie Pie as familiy. Now some information from earlier episodes. In S3 E8 Apple Family Reunion, Granny Smith says they've been holding reunions every hundred month since Ponyville was founded, and Auntie Applesauce mentions there has been at least six reunions before this one, which makes Ponyville at least 56 years old.

    I assume. That what is being said in all the comments, they would be years old. Since they are living home alone.

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    Besides Pinkie Pie. Applejack, Being the middle child of the Apple family, and a worker for the family, and of course being the last to get her cutie mark in her class, I would put her the oldest or second oldest of the Mane 6. To why Granny Smith looks old and wrinkly like she does, Luna and her sister are Alicorns, and are immortal. They cannot die from age.

    So to add common sense to add to this concept, if somepony is an immortal. You would reach your max height, and looks, and stay that way.

    Big Mac And Cheerilee And Fluttershy - Big Mcintosh

    AKA: Looks young forever. For the ages of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, well, you could say they may be the youngest of the other 6 ponies, but to me, I put them in the middle. Would you trust a kid to be left alone at your house to cook and baby sit your kids? I would not. And now to Fluttershy.

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    And as I said. Pinkie Pie is 17 or 18, so that means she is 18 or 19 years old. For Rainbow Dash? I coooould say she is the same age as Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy, so years old. Reason for putting Fluttershy and Dashie close of age is,since Dasihe and Fluttershy known each other since they were young and in flight school.

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    Now to Rarity. She owns her own tailor shop and makes her own clothes. So she can be around 20s? To exactly tell who is the oldest between the two? Or if they are the same age. Not sure, but I would put them early 20's. For Twilight Sparkle? I could put her between the ages of Because Twilight being out of school in a manners of sorts, and being out of kindergarten school at that as well.