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The tool is able to keep folder hierarchy, Rich text and attachments as well as you can convert all PST data at once by using Bulk export option. Thanks for your recommendation. But, I have used another one i. It offers to use demo edition and get familiar with the tool features and you can also convert 20 email per folder.

Use Microsoft tool " outlook-converter-wizard. Products By Bayt.

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Use Our Mobile App. Get Fresh Updates On your job applications, and stay connected. Download Now. Start networking and exchanging professional insights Register now or log in to join your professional community. Business Ideas Software Technology. Upvote 0 Views 64 Followers Write an Answer Register now or log in to answer. We do not have an exact date when it will be available. Another vote for at least some kind of support for Thunderbird. I prefer to keep my emails locally for archival purposes.

Just trialling Proton Mail for the moment to see how it works out for me.

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Thunderbird support would make me a paying customer almost certainly. This expresses my sentiments perfectly. I just signed up yesterday, but will mostly hold-off until I can integrate it with Thunderbird. I was looking forward to considering a paid plan, but the current features and service are inadequate. I hope you would accelerate the pace of critical feature development that users need. IMAP support please, from another Thunderbird user.

Compatibility with real email clients eg gnus would be better still. I am spanish, and I write a bad english.

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Is the IMAP thread dead? As much as I love Protonmail, I am annoyed by your ignorance. I need backups of receipts, passwords etc.

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If you need any assistance setting it up, please contact our support team at contact protonmail. I hope support has not waned! How are we doing? Any closer to a solution? Imap support is now available for premium users via the ProtonMail Bridge app. Need these abilities for archival reasons. Once this is implemented? I do not care if it is POP3 or not; though, being able to continue to use Thunderbird would be nice; the most important criteria is that I can somehow store my mail on my own storage device. I cannot imagine having all my mail stuck on some remote server in the event I have no internet access.

If all my mail is on my own device, I can get to it at any time without having to worry about connectivity issues. I am not as concerned about it being encrypted on my own device, either; again, that would be nice, but not required. It has been a year since the last comment;. For instance I have a nextcloud instance and I would like the sender email to be one of my protonmail email addresses? Would that use case be addressed by the cli client? If you are able to run the Bridge on the host where your Nextcloud instance is running, then there should be no problem to setup Nextcloud to send email via Bridge SMTP.

I understand the need of something like the bridge to reach not tech savvy audiences. But some of us are familiar and happy with using PGP on a daily basis, and would love to be able to use our different email providers seamlessly. I think we, regular PGP users, are the natural first target of an email provider such as Protonmail. Why not give us the capability of handling encryption on our own?

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Does it make sense? Paid for the professional version. Tried it out with the bridge. Terrible solution! Why not just encapsulate the connection over TLS to your servers and allow the private key for the mailbox to be downloaded and managed on my PGP keyring.

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Data at rest could easily be encrypted too without this solution. I hate it. I am cancelling my account. I support the above. PGP support is currently in active development and should be available soon. Once released, it will add the feature to download your private keys. So which is it? SMTP server will live inside your container on my host.

Of course, I have no GUI on server or inside Docker-containers and configuration process should be non interactive as container may be created automatically by script….

For now, the only officially supported clients are the ones listed in the article, but others may work as well. In your FAQ you mention that Protonmail Bridge for Linux will be released this year and also that it is currently only available for paid users. Will that be the case for Protonmail Bridge for Linux when it is released — i.

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I signed up as a paying customer so I could use ProtonMail with my own domain and I need SMTP without the need of a bridge because I was planning to use my web address for my online forum. Clearly I can go back to the free account since that does not seem to be an option as you are not going to actually offer SMTP.

Very excited for the Linux release, I will definitely upgrade to pro if I can be sure it will work with KMail. The service is of course very interesting, i am currently testing this on a number of devices. The only issue I see right now is the inability to read messages offline, while on a mac or pc. I understand that you have the bridge app, but as this is only for paid users it is somewhat limiting. Can we please please have some urgency on the Linux version of the Protonmail Bridge for Linux please! The ProtonMail Bridge for Linux is currently in the beta stage.

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For information on becoming a beta tester, please send us a message to bridge protonmail. I am very impatient to have this version to become a paid users of protonmail and change my VPN to protonvpn. One vote for POP3 support in Bridge. Just signed up for an account this morning. With Outlook , set up the bridge correctly. Outlook test message works fine. I started changing some of my accounts to Proton mail but after a couple of days my Outlook Proton mail folder was still empty, except for the test messages. Logged into Proton Mail online and there sits an inbox full of mail.

Why is the bridge not working with Outlook. Please Help. Please contact our support team at contact protonmail. Yes, you can search through your messages, along with the message body, in your email client. In Thunderbird. Can you assist please? Our team is actively working on making the Bridge app open-source, it will be in the near future.