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How to transfer from iPhone to Android: Move your contacts from iPhone to Android

Since we're transferring data, the first thing you want to do is charge up both phones. Once the batteries are topped off, connect your Android phone, to Wi-Fi.

If you use Chrome on your phone and want to transfer your bookmarks, make sure the app is up to date before starting the transfer process. Choose Move Data from Android. Back on your iPhone, tap Continue on the Move from Android screen. A 6- or digit code will appear.

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A code will appear on your iPhone. When prompted, type the code on your old Android phone to begin the transfer process. On the Find Your Code screen, tap Next in the top-right corner. Then, type in the 6- or digit code when prompted. Next, on your Android device, select the content that you want to move to your iPhone on the Transfer Data screen and tap Next. This process can take awhile, so I recommend starting it before you go to bed or another time when you aren't using your phone for awhile.

Mail, contacts, and calendars

Keep in mind that, even if your Android phone indicates that the process is complete, leave both phones alone until the loading bar finishes on your iPhone. Multiple devices available: data shift between multiple phones run Android, Symbian and iOS.

Contract phones' data transfer: Fully free and eased transfer from old phone to new in spite of different cellular carrier. Moreover, Directly transfer from one phone to another, no need of any transfer stop during the process. Devices running Android, iOS, Symbian of various brands are fully supported. Vast amounts of data can be transferred between different devices with only one easy click in a few minutes. Transfer data between phones from the same carrier. Copy data from a contract phone to a no-contract one. You need to delete all data from your ios devices or android before resell, MobileTrans else to protect your personal data by erasing all of them from your old iPhone, tablet, iPod touch or an android phone, safely and permanently.

Switching is easier than ever

Erase deleted data: Deeply scan your iDevice or Android phone and erase all deleted data in the phone memory. You'll now be able to play your music when you have an active internet connection. Otherwise, you'll need to download the songs from Google Play Music to play them offline.

Android File Transfer. Launch your browser and navigate to Android File Transfer. Download and install the application. Connect your Android device to your Mac computer. Launch the Android File Transfer application.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android on Mac/Windows 7,8

Copy and paste the files you'd like to transfer to your Android device. Eject the Android device when the transfer has completed. Continue Reading.

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