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Is it possible to change the functionality of the key?

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I tried setting keyboard up and it asked me to press the button to the right of shift, I pressed everything and did not work. You have found an unfortunate fact of life living in the Mac world, a lot of hardware is Windows only. Yeah you can plug it in but without the correct drivers you will be lucky to get even minimal use out of the device.

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If your SiliconWin mouse is not working out of the box with your Mac and there are not drivers provided by the manufacturer then there is little you can do in macOS to properly configure the device. Though I have never used it myself I have seen lots of discussions that point to that as a solution to exactly the problem you have. I imagine you could download it and give it a try and see if it allows you to do what you need to do. But at twenty bucks it costs as much or more as a cheap mouse so the economics of the situation may not be in your favor.

There's also a free app called Karabiner Elements.

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It can be used for various mappings, including keyboard and mouse. With this you can add a "Complex Modification" from their site. I found one for back and forward functionality. Make sure to tick the devices you want to use in the Preference pane of the app. A manual config would look similar to the partial listing below.

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This would have to be integrated into the file karabiner. Mac users can right click in a number of ways, using their keyboard and trackpad in tandem, or by using specific tapping patterns on the trackboard itself. An external mouse can make right clicking on a Mac even easier. Visit BusinessInsider.

How to to right click on a Mac computer 1. Use a mouse with a right click button.

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Hold the "control" button as you click. Use two fingers on the trackpad When you tap your Mac's trackpad with two fingers spaced within an inch or so of one another, the result will be a right click. How to right click on a Mac computer in three different ways How to right click on a Mac computer in three different ways. Steven John.

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The right click function can be used to bring up menus, to give options to open, duplicate, or delete a file, or to customize the view of your Mac desktop. On a Mac, the control button is indeed the one that says "control.

It certainly is the natural evolution of the Mac's interface. People like the two-button mouse, so why should they be denied? Third-party developers have added "right click" functions to Mac software for some time.

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  5. Users of most Web browsers can bring up "right click" menus by simply holding down the mouse button. And mouse manufacturers like Kensington , which makes a line of popular multi-button mice for the Mac, have developed software that adds "right-click" functions. In recent years, the company has added "contextual menus" to the Macintosh operating system. But to activate them, users must hold down the control key while pressing down the mouse button, which more or less defeats the purpose. New iBooks Slower?

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